105 S. Detroit St LaGrange, IN. A ministry café/coffee house where everything is free or by donation! All volunteer run- we offer a positive, relaxing environment with free wifi, free prayer, free coffee, drinks and baked goods.  New Testament Bible Study w/Ed, Tuesdays at 9am. Discipleship time w/Mike, Tuesdays at 6pm.  Every Thursday from 10am-2pm we have a full meal. Thursdays at 7pm, we have HOPE TIME (music, prayer and devotion.) Monday – Saturday 8am-8pm if we have enough volunteers.


Jamelle is a dynamic speaker – full of wisdom and wit that can bring a group to tears or laughter. She has a unique style that she is able to mold to diverse groups of people and a variety of settings; small youth groups to large adult retreats. 



We are not put on this earth to live our journeys in solitude…alone. We are never alone. Jamelle encourages through writing in her blog, bringing insight and purpose. Get to know her personally and share with her any thoughts or feelings she might stir up! Feel free to laugh along with her as life is meant to be enjoyed – together.

HOPE Conference 2016

Where does our HOPE come from? Do you need HOPE? Do you ever feel like your HOPE slips away at times? JOIN US for spirit filled worship, educational small group sessions, laughter and tears February 19-20, 2016 at Blue Gate Garden Inn in beautiful Shipshewana, IN. You will be inspired to search for HOPE in Jesus Christ; and each small group session will be dedicated to discussing ways we tend to lose our hope and develop strategies during these trials. Email jamelle@thereason4hope.com or Laura Hartman at lauraehartman2002@yahoo.com for questions and registration forms.

About Us

We speak. We write. We serve. We spread HOPE. It’s simple. People chase many things-wealth, education, relationships, jobs or even church-to find hope, to find fulfillment to fill a “hole” that everyone has in their soul. We know that hole can be filled with Christ and the HOPE we have found in Him. We simply want to share that. And we want to inspire others to do the same.

You can come along on this journey with us. You can volunteer. You can pray. You can donate. You can encourage the people in your life. You just need to spread HOPE.

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