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We Speak

Jamelle Godlewski is co-founder, director and current board president of Reason 4 Hope. Jamelle is a dynamic speaker – full of wisdom and wit that can bring a group to tears or laughter. She has a unique style that she is able to mold to diverse groups of people and a variety of settings; small youth groups to large adult retreats.

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We Write

We are not put on this earth to live our journeys in solitude…alone. We are never alone. Jamelle encourages through writing in her blog, bringing insight and purpose. Get to know her personally and share with her any thoughts or feelings she might stir up! Feel free to laugh along with her as life is meant to be enjoyed – together.

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We Serve

Imagine if each of us (individually or collectively) took just an hour a week, maybe a few hours a year to make a difference in our communities by just saying and doing something encouraging for another? Expecting nothing in return. We just want people to know that we care, we love, and we believe there is HOPE. Our outreach projects do just that – from random of acts of kindness, to providing basic needs for youth and adult alike.

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