When someone asks “How are you?” it seems a common response is “fine.” Do we answer that way because we don’t really think they care? Or maybe, we don’t know this person, so I am not going to really tell them. Or, are we living denial? Pretending life is great, grand and wonderful. We say we are fine, but we are not. We are just getting by.

Sometimes life is just like that – just taking one day at a time, one breath at a time. There are periods where circumstances and obstacles can be overwhelming. Recently I had someone tell me it was God’s fault because He let her get abused and He doesn’t take away the pain. Well, that is true. God does give people free will and with that, some people choose and do bad things. However, that is not God’s will or desire for us. He wants us to have life and life abundantly. That does not mean material wealth. Let me just say that again. An abundant life has nothing to do with material or financial wealth.

A year ago I found myself in a place, a potential financial predicament, where I wasn’t sure what to do. I met with a friend, a mentor. We talked about how I am a ‘do-er.’ I strive for and after ‘things.’ With those two together, I tend to add stress to my life; which in turn, has caused some health issues. She had me write down 3 things: 1) stop striving 2) relax and take care of my physical health and 3) Reason 4 Hope is a ministry, not a source of paying my bills. What this did, is it shifted my thoughts. It made me change my perspective. I posted these 3 items right beside my bedroom mirror. My board of directors does a great job of directing me…telling me no, telling me to slow down, and making sure my spiritual and physical life is in order. I made a commitment to write scripture daily and to slow down a little.

Here I am, February 2017, looking back. It is crazy. God not only provided for my needs (physical and spiritually), but He went above and beyond. I didn’t just go through the motions everyday. I didn’t just exist. I didn’t just physically live. I lived life abundantly. Once again, let me stress this has nothing to do with how much money I made. It has to do with true, real joy and contentment. Joy and contentment that cannot be found in the world, but in Him.

When the Lord says I want to give you life….he is talking about a life with Him. When my focus was on numbers, money, stuff, people, and not on Him; I struggled. As I made the decision to change my focus, the struggles subsided. Now, I had some down times, that’s life. Life happened and happens. What changed was me, not my circumstances. With my focus on Him and His Word, my physical health was better. My spiritual and emotional well being was so much better.

Do you live life abundantly? Or, are you going through the motions? Are you just ‘fine.’

Where is your focus?

Are you seeking Christ above all else?

Where do your priorities lie?

Are you taking care of yourself? You whole self – mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well being.

Make a commitment to Him, to yourself, to live life with Christ and His Word as your focus. You will be amazed at the results.