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Director of Reason 4 Hope, reformed school teacher of 15 years, Jesus Lover, mother and 1993 celebrity donkey riding champion of LaGrange Co. Fair.


What is Freedom? Here in America we celebrate our freedom on July 4th, our Independence Day. Yet, I saw bickering on social media about the US Women’s soccer team…apparently exercising their freedom to some peoples disliking. Freedom appears to have different meanings to different people. Some think of it as a ticket to do [...]

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Summer Camp!

Hello Summer! If you live in Northern Indiana you might not believe that it is summer. One day might be 75-80, the next 50 and you need your furnace! Either way, here at Reason 4 Hope, summer is in full swing! Our first Camp Hope was a huge success! We might have only [...]

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Dance is Silly!

Dance is silly.  10 years ago, I would’ve said this. Yep, I confess. I was a jock and thought that dance and cheerleading were silly, and they were certainly not sports. Then, thanks to Tim Borg, my daughter decided to try dance.  This last weekend I witnessed exactly why I am so glad my [...]

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I Am So Proud of You – For What?

“I’m proud of you.” For what?  This time of year, we see many young people winning awards – athletic awards, academic awards, blah blah blah awards. Parents love posting on social media the picture of their child with their awards and it never fails that they say, “I’m proud of you.” Here is a question? [...]

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Where do they come from? I am not talking about Campbell’s Soup labels either. Do people give them to us? Is it based on what we do? For instance, I played basketball in school, so I would be labeled a “jock.” When I talked with people, many times the conversation would lean toward the conversation [...]

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Have You Seen a Little League Game?

Have you seen some of these little league teams? I remember playing little league. We paid $20 (maybe only $10, this was over 30 years ago.) We got a t-shirt with a sponsor name on it. I don’t remember ever getting pants. We might have gotten some sort of ‘trucker’ type hat. Each team [...]

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Tribute to Marie

I remember our last conversation.   There are some things that never change in certain relationships. With Marie, you could count on a hug, a prayer, encouragement and conversation about the Holy Spirit. I definitely got all four that last conversation. When I look back over my spiritual life, there are three key people that [...]

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Bullying – How Serious is it?

We hear or read this word all the time in headlines and newsfeeds throughout the social media world. Cyber bullying. Another term only youth in this generation might truly grasp or understand. How serious is it? Is it at epidemic proportions? What is being done, if anything, to prevent or ‘punish’ bullies? During first year [...]

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Your Life Speaks

Your life speaks. Someone needs to hear your story. Someone needs to know they are not alone in their fight, their struggle. In 2011, I had just quit teaching, officially, when I went back to share my story with the current students. I don’t write anything down, I just share. I believe whatever it is [...]

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