What are we doing? No. Seriously. Are we just going to church, bible study, small group and checking off our “Christian” to do boxes or are we actively engaging in sharing the gospel? I am not talking about quoting scripture to strangers on the street. I am talking about living a daily life where others notice our extravagant kindness, compassion and generosity.

We want the world to change, but we don’t want to be the change makers? When Jesus called Matthew, a tax collector, to follow Him… Matthew was so excited he had a party and invited his friends over. You know, sinners. Jesus went to them. Zacchaeus did the same thing. Jesus went to them. They didn’t invite them to church to meet Jesus. There is nothing in the bible that says evangelism is inviting or luring someone to a church event so that the preacher can tell them about Jesus and save them. What?!?! Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But, I think that is what we are doing.

We know there are people struggling in our midst: drug addiction, relationships, finances, past hurts/abuse…but what are we doing to help? Think of the story of the Good Samaritan. We see the guy on the side of the road all battered up….do we cross to the other side (leaving it for someone else)? Do we think, ‘well, he probably deserved it. He made some bad choices and it’s his own fault?’ And, if and when we do walk by, do we wipe our hands clean like it’s not our problem? I am here to say that I am not sure we can chalk ourselves up as innocent by-standers. I think, I believe, we have his blood on our hands.

In the teen world, when I go to schools, all the teens are telling me bullying is a huge issue. I ask, ‘how many of you have been a victim of bullying or have seen someone bullied?’ Hands go up everywhere. Then I ask, ‘how many of you stepped in to do anything?’ Fact is, the teens have learned to do nothing from us, the adults. How many of these kids go to youth group and are ‘Christian?’ Have we taught them to clock in, clock out of church? Yep. This is not at all what Jesus intended. Not. At. All.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing student stories. These are your students. Your kids. These are your kids’ friends. These are teens in our churches, in our youth groups, on our sports teams. I am challenging you, if you are a professed believer in Jesus Christ the Savior, what are you doing? I am challenging you to lead a life on mission. We are called to, all of us. All of us are in full time ministry. Otherwise, those that we engage with daily won’t see anything attractive about us; they will see us just as we are – religious church people.