Sometimes the pain is real. Sometimes the pain is physical and be physically felt. Sometimes the pain is emotional and is felt in your heart. Sometimes you have both at the same time.

Sometimes we face life surrounded by family. Sometimes we face obstacles with our friends. Sometimes we have to walk the walk alone.


We can’t put into words what is going on in our hearts or in our minds.

Sometimes it hurts too much to even try.

How do I share the innermost, soulful pain? How do I lay it all out for another human to see?

I did…I have. It sucked. Period.

The morning of September 27, 2019, I held my moms hand, put my head on our hands, and just cried. I didn’t have words…I couldn’t put it into words. My soul cried out, ‘Please Jesus, please.’

Sometimes our heart and our minds are miles apart. Sometimes my mind knows, it knows that Jesus is right here with me. Sometimes my heart wants to feel Him and can’t.

Sometimes fall turns to winter in a day. Sometimes you are stuck in a season for what seems forever.

When will the light shine bright and warm me again?

Sometimes you have to anchor yourself so you don’t drift away. My anchor is the Word of God. I hold onto it for my life. Literally.

Sometimes our mind is flooded with memories. Sometimes they are full of laughter and smiles. Sometimes good memories bring tears.

Sometimes the memories are of times of fear, question, doubt and strife. Sometimes those memories bring strength.


Sometimes you wonder how you are going to take the next proverbial step. Sometimes you just raise your leg and move forward in blind trust that when your foot lands you will not collapse.

Sometimes you fall.

But you step again. And again. And again. One step, no matter how small, at a time.

“It’s on You, God. It’s all on You.”

Sometimes. Sometimes you don’t just surrender that you, you can’t do it. But He can.

Sometimes you believe, you bank on His promises.


Today is that sometime.