Jamelle Godlewski from Reason 4 Hope, speaking at a local churchJamelle has eight years of public speaking experience. Prior to that she was a public school teacher presenting on topics such as “Algebra for All” and “Engaging At Risk Students.” When she stepped out of the classroom realm into the ministry/not for profit realm, she began by sharing her story of transformation with churches and youth groups. Since then she has developed into a speaker that can ‘fill the pulpit’, lead a discussion or activity, provide a mission moment or simply share inspiring stories of hope. She is passionate about motivating others to share the hope and love they have with others; for people to see and hear the need around them; and to provide avenues or opportunities for people to serve their communities.

Here is a snap shot of some churches and organizations she has shared with:

You can watch some short video devotionals at the Reason 4 Hope YouTube channel.

If you would like to schedule a time for Jamelle to share with your group or fill in at your church, you can contact us or call (260) 408-5200.