A speaking program for teenagers that brings awareness to how rampant depression is among youth, that no one is alone, there is hope, and EACH ONE OF US CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

High School Presentation

In early 2013, Reason 4 Hope received a grant from LaGrange County REMC to put together a multi-media presentation that could be taken into the schools that would reach out to all teens who might be feeling hopeless. The presentation is designed to meet 19 Indiana Standards for Health Classes.  In 2015, we received a grant from Parkview to expand the program, as well as provide a resource packet for the youth and the schools. The presentation fits into a class period, with time for questions and discussion. Many teachers have used it as launch points for an upcoming unit or project. There is a follow up assignment for students, and in 2016, there will be an online survey so we can collect data determining if there is a correlation between drug/alcohol use and depression.


Did you know that over 65% of our youth are saying they struggle with depression?

Did you know that over 50% of our youth know someone (or themselves) who is thinking of self harm?

Did you know that over 20% of our youth know someone (or themselves) who is thinking of suicide?

Did you know that suicide is now the second leading cause of death in ages 15-24?

Speaking endorsement from high school health teacher



“This presentation was great at keeping the students engaged, especially with Jamelle’s real-life stories and informative lecture.  The multi-media presentation was eye-catching and the students responded well to Jamelle’s energetic personality.  I would highly suggest this presentation!”

– Jennifer Holden, Prairie Heights High School Health Teacher

“Jamelle Godlewski captivates her audiences with her honest speaking.  She is able to talk with youth in a very open, non-threatening way.  They respond very well to her.”

-Rachel Stroop, Lakeland High School Guidance Counselor

Schools that HOPE for YOUTH is currently active in:

  • Lakeland High School and Lakeland Middle School
  • Prairie Heights High School
  • Westview High School
  • East Noble High School
  • Turning Point Educational Center, Ligonier
  • Wawasee High School (Mr. Sharp’s health class)

HOPE for YOUTH Events

In 2016, Reason 4 Hope hosted two free concerts in LaGrange, Indiana. Both concerts featured Christian recording artists and an inspirational speaker.

In February of 2017, Reason 4 Hope hosted a “Night of HOPE” in Kendallville, IN featuring different youth sharing their fine art talents and their personal testimonies on overcoming struggles and other teen issues. On March 31, 2017, Reason 4 Hope sponsored a free/reward concert at Lakeland Middle School for their efforts in our outreach program ‘HOPE on the Streets.’ Once again, this concert featured a Christian hip hop artist and an inspirational message.

CURRENTLY, we are working with Your Life Speaks bringing a message of hope to 11 schools and hosting a community event with Indiana Teen Challenge. You can see a list of events on our events page!

If you would like Jamelle to speak or lead a discussion at your school, youth group, church, organization or small group, you can contact us or call (260) 408-5200.