Most of us have experienced times in our lives where we felt hopeless. Sometimes its because of our own mistakes; other times its caused by circumstances or other people. These ‘times’ show no favoritism – people of all different economic, age, and demographic backgrounds can find themselves in the pit of hopelessness. Reason 4 Hope is determined to reach out to those that might find themselves in this chasm; and if possible, help bring them out of it or even better, prevent them from slipping into in the first place. How do we do this?

We speak HOPE. We write about HOPE. We serve people making HOPE tangible. We want others to know there is HOPE, someone cares, and God can provide a love and hope that can fill any ‘hole’ in our soul. You can join us on this mission. You can volunteer. You can pray. You can donate. You can share your story with us. You can simply encourage those around you. Together, our light can and will dispel all darkness.